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Hi. This is just a clear lens version of default aviator glasses. So I just changed only lens colors. I like aviator glasses.
This would fit perfectly with the gorgeous guy, or true geeks!

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www.box.net/shared/1hmyqpcke3Finally I made new 'Wayfarer'-like glasses for TS3. They are almost same shape as my Buddy Holly-ish glasses for TS2. But I re-made the mesh and textures. Totally brand-new and better. And....they have three CAST-able channels (rim, frame, plumbbob trim) and two preset colors (black, tortoiseshell ). Available for both genders, from child to elder. Hope you like it.
These have already been up-loaded to MTS ( Get it at MTS ! ). And If you want separate package (each age, each gender), you can download at below.

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tamo@DW moved to NEW BLOG. Sorry for the inconvenience.

These are default replacement eyes and tricolor contacts(face mask) that have a plain texture like EA eyes. They don't have dramatic contrast. Instead, neat in-game and Maxis/EA-Match. It suits every sim, I think.

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These sims3pack files need update. Now these are temporarily unavailable. Sorry.

These are conversions of framed "Travel" posters from TS 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack. They have already been up-loaded to MTS. And now, these are available as .sims3pack. Check details at  HERE.
NOTE ; (1) Three sizes like awesome karaskaras' work for TS2. Original size, smaller half and quarter size. (2) These half and quarter sized frames are SLAVEs (= texture referencing files). They always require original size as their MASTER.

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