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2020-01-01 12:00 am
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ようこそ! Hi, there. Here is my little space for something about The Sims. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to add me. 

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2010-11-18 12:30 am
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Dreamwidth invite codes

Hey. I have Dreamwidth's 10 unused invite codes. If anyone need it, feel free to take it! And if you take it, please comment with which code you took so I can cross it off. Thanks.
They're all gone now. 


Click a code to jump to registration. https://www.dreamwidth.org/create
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2010-08-24 09:23 pm
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Mock Mods Glasses

 Uploaded the new glasses to tamo@blogger

Mock Mods Glasses
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2010-08-20 09:00 pm
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Update Information

I updated the post of  "Ultra-Plain Eyes for TS3 (Default Replacement)" . And I've uploaded that face skin and two sims to new blog ; tamo@blogger
Have a good summer!
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2009-01-01 12:00 am
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Hack FREE, as long as you keep it FREE!
Feel free to use my stuff in every way you want.

- making recolor of my mesh/texture.
- using my mesh/texture/whatever in whole or in part.
- including my files in your uploads.

- uploading my files to pay sites.

- giving me credit with a link when using my stuff.
- leaving comments.