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2020-01-01 12:00 am
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ようこそ! Hi, there. Here is my little space for something about The Sims. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to add me. 

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2011-02-19 01:05 am
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Super-Sheer Lipstick!

 Please check it at TAMO @ blogger


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2011-02-06 06:41 am
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Cat's Eye Glasses for Ladies

Please check it at TAMO @ blogger !!


   Cat's Eye Glasses for Ladies

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2010-11-18 12:30 am
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Dreamwidth invite codes

Hey. I have Dreamwidth's 10 unused invite codes. If anyone need it, feel free to take it! And if you take it, please comment with which code you took so I can cross it off. Thanks.
They're all gone now. 


Click a code to jump to registration. https://www.dreamwidth.org/create
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2010-08-24 09:23 pm
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Mock Mods Glasses

 Uploaded the new glasses to tamo@blogger

Mock Mods Glasses
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2010-08-20 09:00 pm
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Update Information

I updated the post of  "Ultra-Plain Eyes for TS3 (Default Replacement)" . And I've uploaded that face skin and two sims to new blog ; tamo@blogger
Have a good summer!
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2010-07-26 11:50 pm
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Stop Making Faces

It's been a while. I lost all my game data and unfinished creating stuffs. What bad luck. Anyhow, my hard drive died and I was in mourning for a while. But now I'm back and ready, with ambitions! It's a good time to begin anew.
I'm making EA Match-ish neutral face skins and testing these. It's almost done, but I'm still thinking details of nose bridge. Should it be sharper? Need more high light? These are some random test pics.

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2010-03-28 12:22 am

Clear Lens Aviator Glasses

Hi. This is just a clear lens version of default aviator glasses. So I just changed only lens colors. I like aviator glasses.
This would fit perfectly with the gorgeous guy, or true geeks!

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2010-03-23 11:10 pm

Wayfarer-like Eyeglasses for TS3

www.box.net/shared/1hmyqpcke3Finally I made new 'Wayfarer'-like glasses for TS3. They are almost same shape as my Buddy Holly-ish glasses for TS2. But I re-made the mesh and textures. Totally brand-new and better. And....they have three CAST-able channels (rim, frame, plumbbob trim) and two preset colors (black, tortoiseshell ). Available for both genders, from child to elder. Hope you like it.
These have already been up-loaded to MTS ( Get it at MTS ! ). And If you want separate package (each age, each gender), you can download at below.

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2010-03-23 11:00 pm
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Ultra-Plain Eyes : Default + Tricolor Contacts

tamo@DW moved to NEW BLOG. Sorry for the inconvenience.

These are default replacement eyes and tricolor contacts(face mask) that have a plain texture like EA eyes. They don't have dramatic contrast. Instead, neat in-game and Maxis/EA-Match. It suits every sim, I think.

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2010-03-22 10:30 pm

TS2 to 3 Conversion : BV Travel + FT Posters as sims3pack

These sims3pack files need update. Now these are temporarily unavailable. Sorry.

These are conversions of framed "Travel" posters from TS 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack. They have already been up-loaded to MTS. And now, these are available as .sims3pack. Check details at  HERE.
NOTE ; (1) Three sizes like awesome karaskaras' work for TS2. Original size, smaller half and quarter size. (2) These half and quarter sized frames are SLAVEs (= texture referencing files). They always require original size as their MASTER.

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2009-01-01 12:00 am
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Hack FREE, as long as you keep it FREE!
Feel free to use my stuff in every way you want.

- making recolor of my mesh/texture.
- using my mesh/texture/whatever in whole or in part.
- including my files in your uploads.

- uploading my files to pay sites.

- giving me credit with a link when using my stuff.
- leaving comments.